Dear Magnet CNO's,


Happy New Year! Since 2010, NJCOMO has evolved into a Magnet community professional organization and since 2010 we have become an LLC and currently have 16 active Magnet hospital members. We would like to update you on our overall achievements plan and new council structure.


Our Board recently met and reexamined our Mission and determined that we have reached a point of maturation and is prepared to move NJCOMO to the next level. NJCOMO's value added initiatives include; best practice dissemination, a research arm, conducted mock surveys for Magnet site visits to three hospitals and the highlight is that our MPD's are the driving force in NJCOMO's interpretation of Magnet Standards.


We are eager to present our new structure to NJCOMO with the creation of five new committees that will replace our existing structure. We are asking that you select 2 people for each committee. Please select members based on the recommendations below in the description of the new committees. Please forward the names to and Micki by January 30, 2014. You are welcome to retain your current members; however they will need to be members of the newly formed committees.


Communication: Seeking members with IT background, strong writing skills to Magnet Components. Creative thinkers for     dissemination of information.


Growth: Seeking members who are AVP's, Directors of Nursing, Mangers, have Financial knowledge.


Education Development: Seeking members from the professional development department, aspiring educators, Magnet     Champions, preceptors.


Innovation and Outcomes: Seeking members from Quality Improvement, Shared Governance, Research, data and stats,     your "free thinkers".


MPD: All of the MPD's will be members of this group.